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Rolling is a type of metal forming process that is capable of creating a uniform radius in sheet or round bar. The metal is passed through sets rollers and increasing the pressure on the top roller forces the material into a radius. In order to obtain a tight radius several passes must be made slowly approaching the desired dimensions.

Roll forming is a continuous bending operation as opposed to a single action bending process. The continuous nature of this process allows material to be formed into a complete circle. One of the most cost effective methods to create short sections of large thin wall tube is by rolling the material then welding. It’s that simple.

The biggest limitation to rolling is the machine capacity. Machines that lack hydraulic assistance are only capable of rolling fairly thin material.


Manual Rollers – Roll Diameter 3” – 36” Roller Width – Full Width Capacity 16GA
  • FBD1025 – 100ton - Steel .25 10’ long – Stainless 10GA 6’ – Aluminum .188 8’long
  • Accurpress – 250ton - Steel .25 12’long – Stainless 10GA 6’ – Aluminum .250 12’long

    Accuracy +/-.005 Repeatability +/-.005


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