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Forming material is accomplished using a press brake to bend flat material to the desired angle. When numerous bends are placed close together its possible to form a radius.

Modern press brakes use a process called air bending which use a v shaped die. This process is much more accurate and require less pressure then coining which required a tool for each specific angle.

Press brakes normally have computer controlled back and depth gauges, which make accuracy and repeatability possible.

  • FBD8025 – 80ton - Steel .25 8’ long – Stainless 10GA 6’ – Aluminum .188 8’long
  • FBD1025 – 100ton - Steel .25 10’ long – Stainless 10GA 6’ – Aluminum .188 8’long
  • Accurpress – 250ton - Steel .25 12’long – Stainless 10GA 6’ – Aluminum .250 12’long

    Accuracy +/-.005 Repeatability +/-.005


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